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Fleet management

With GESINTAX 285 the highly competitive Taxi market has an innovative fleet management system, capable of providing the most appropriate solutions for vehicles to optimize work and improve profitability.

GESINTAX is based on two different technologies, i.e. GPS for vehicle positioning and GPRS for data transmission.

Our system lets you have real time information on what each vehicle is doing at any time and any incidents which might arise, conveniently and with reduced information cost.

The cartography showing vehicle position is vectorial, and any other cartographic format may be integrated in the same to meet your specific needs in this field.

The cartography includes European and Spanish city street maps. Definition is sufficiently precise to observe up to 750 real metres on screen.

La tecnología GPRS más avanzada aplicada al taxi, para conseguir mayor comodidad en la dispersion de los servicios y proporcionar un servicio de mayor calidad.

  Real time follow-up     Maintenance planner

Let's you have real time position of each fleet vehicle, as system is constantly informing on the localization of your vehicles.
GESINTAX allows you to plan your vehicle maintenance activities, systematizing their execution thereby preventing this from being overlooked.
  Route control     Multifleet

The system allows you to create what we call alarm areas, i.e. you can delimit taxi ranks, areas as per applicable tariff, etc.
This GESINTAX modality allows different users to manage vehicle data separately, so there is no interference between them.

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