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Advantages and security

Gesintax Advantages

Considerable reduction in number of operators necessary until now.

Service speed (time taking in attending a user) reducing it from minutes to seconds.

Service dispersion, in the medium term taxis will stop crowding out the ranks due to increase in work, and the advantages of being able to "patrol" an area with little service.

Considerable production increase, 100% of services completed.


The system is equipped with security systems for the Taxi driver:

Should panic button be pressed the repeater Module emits bright flashes and shows an S.O.S. messages among others to be defined by customer.

An alarm signal is sent together with vehicle real time position to the control centre and 112 (optionally it may be redistributed to companions from there)

If vehicle is equipped with photo and video vigilance (optional), incident images are sent to the control centre and appropriate measures taken.

Regardless of all this, the advertisement of security measures and the presence of this equipment form a dissuasive element


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