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Main characteristics

- Total system mobility (GPRS)
- Integrated Navigator.
- Not linked to the vehicle (exterior)
- Advanced functions- Evolutive system

- Fully automated Call Centre (call reception and service assignation) in short most services will be handled by the system, without the intervention of any operator, the system suggests a destination to the customer and if accepted call does not go through the operator
- Service assignation via Web.
- Taxi position and status follow-up system

Solid future

Jasil GESINTAX 285 fleet management is based on state-of-the-art market technology but using quality criteria:

State-of-the-art PDAs based on Windows CE
Call centre servers based on 64 bit technology of leading brands.
Computerized Intel or Eicon telephony
The most advanced system technology for JASIL taxis.

Integration of concepts

The Jasil Gesintax system groups a series of concepts on a single platform thereby enabling minimum equipment for the taxi, yet with maximum functions and possibility of increasing them at a very low cost.

This enables establishment of a data send communication system, among all the system elements and maximum benefit thereof.

Union of concepts - Computerized Telephony

Automated telephony (Intel, Eicon)
Vehicle management and positioning (GPS-GPRS) (Satdata Technology)
GPRS messaging between vehicles and headquarters
In-vehicle navigation (TomTom)
Jasil Alcora 21 taximeter.
Jasil Alcora 21 Taximeter Peripheries (Repeater module Jasil TSD52, Printer Jasil IPT-85)

Communication based system

Thanks to the latest advances in telephony and communication systems, the system is based on an important communication format.

Thus, the printer is shared by the taximeter (report or ticket printout) and PDA (credit card receipt printout), likewise the PDA shares the telephony system to communicate with the bank, Call Centre or as a telephone.

Basing ourselves on this same concept, the Jasil taximeter, its peripheries, i.e. the entire system (including tariffs) are Updateable via communications, avoiding unnecessary journeys, if allowed by the competent authority.
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